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Vertical Bin Unloader

What to expect:

Vertical Bin Unloading augers are great for loading out of your bin and right into a truck. Vertical portion of auger stands 14' in height (standard) and comes with an extra long spout. One motor runs both the horizontal and vertical screws—saving money and time.

Also available in PTO drive. Please contact your nearest dealer or call the factory for assistance.



  • 14' discharge tube and screw

  • 45° spout with 2' of flex and 2' of solid tube

  • Motor mount, belts, pulleys and guards included

  • 6" and 8" verticals attach to 6" unloading tube only

  • Use 3.5 motor pulley (not included) for proper speed

  • Order left hand horizontal screw separately

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 10.08.10
Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 10.08.17

This product is designed to work with a Complete Under Bin System.

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

7', 12', 17' and 22' Variable Height Unloader
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