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Roof Augers

What to expect:

Use roof augers to support and extend the capable height of your Carrier Mounted Auger. Augers include proper roof mounting brackets and hopper with hinged lid. 


  • Two belt auger drive includes motor mount, belts, guard, pulley and spout

  • Roof mounting brackets and hopper with hinged lid

  • Extensions include tube and screw couplers

  • Heavier drive head may be required when extensions are added

  • Use 3.5 motor pulley for proper speed

  • Available extensions include tube and screw couplers

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.45.56 AM.png
8" Roof Auger
6" Roof Auger
10" Roof Auger

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

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