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Complete Bin Unloading Systems

What to expect:

This is the basic foundation for a new grain bin. These systems include under bin tube, center and intermediate bin wells, control handles and bin collars. All of these units are ready to accept an Horizontal Bin Unloader, 25° Unloader, Vertical Bin Unloader, Variable Height Bin Unloader and Bin Sweeps.


Each Complete Under Bin System contains the following parts: proper size tube for the diameter of your bin, center well, control rod guides, control handles, and bin collar. Note, product numbers with intermediate wells include an intermediate bin well and proper intermediate control handle.


  • Center well is 13" x 13" x 12" and comes with slide gate and sweep pivot.

  • Tube is seamless and galvanized

  • Each system comes with rod guides: 1 on 14' thru 27' : 2 on 30' and up

  • Intermediate and center wells come with drilled coupling on slide gate for control handles

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

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