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25° Unloader

What to expect:

25° unloaders are designed to work with 6" and 8" bin unloading systems. All unloaders are designed to move grain horizontally at one size, 6" or 8", and then upwards at 25° at the next size up, 8" or 10". Unloaders are offered to work with 14' through 48' diameter bins.


  • Galvanized Jet-A-Mount motor mounts for easy removal of motor.

  • Riser tube and screw 5' long for 2' discharge height.

  • 25° elbow with internal bearing and universal joint.

  • Adjustable stand and utility spout standard.

  • Use 3.5" motor pulley (Not furnished) for proper speed.

  • Order right hand horizontal separately.     

00545 and 00546 Unloader
8" 2V12"Drive Head
10" 2V12"Drive Head

This product is designed to work with a Complete Under Bin System.

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

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