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Variable Height Bin Unloader


  • Two belt drive on 12', 17' and 22'

  • Belts, guard, auger pulley, coupler box, universal join and utility spout included

  • Use 3.5" motor pulley (not furnished)

  • Order winch kit or support stand separately

What to expect:

Variable Height Unloading augers are intended primarily to feed grinders. Due to the universal joint, these augers will only deliver about 250 to 400 bushels per hour. Do not operate more than a 30 degree angle. This auger is only offered for 6" systems only.

7', 12', 17' and 22' Variable Height Unloader

This product is designed to work with a Complete Under Bin System.

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

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