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Swing Hopper

What to expect:

Jet Flow self powered Swing Hoppers are designed to work with your carried mounted auger, or stand alone to unload a hopper belly truck. Self Powered Augers are offered in both motor and hydraulic drive.  Includes two rubber tires at the end of the hopper. Consider accessories with Swing Hopper to feed Carrier Mounted Augers.

Also available in hydraulic drive. Please contact your nearest dealer or call the factory for assistance or accessory information.

What to expect:

  • 6" to 8" have 6" screw in hopper with 25° joint to 8" riser, capacity up to 1500 bu. per hour

  • 8" to 10" has 8" screw in hopper with 25° joint to 10" riser, capacity up 2500 bu. per hour

  • Horizontal length is 9' measured from center of hopper to center of discharge

  • Dimensions: 3' X 5' X 13'

  • Each additional foot of riser length adds 5" to discharge height

  • Hydraulic motor not included

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 10.04.04

For more information contact Luffland Industries or any of the authorized dealers.

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